Performance Project

A web design re-branding and social media campaign for "Piano's for Patients," a musical, non-profit group made up of high school students that perform for hospitals and nursing homes. 


Currently, the issue consists of a confusion over whether the organization is simply entertainment driven or the donation instruments because of the name currently being "Piano's for Patients".


To create a branding identity and system that can reflect the charitable and communal benefits music can have for those who perform and their audience. 


"Performance Project is made of musically gifted high school students who endeavor to make a difference in our communities in the best way we know how--to share our love for music with those in nursing homes and hospitals. Our performances have brought joy to hundreds of people, and we look forward to performing for thousands more! We utilize a variety of instruments that allow us to play a wide genre of musical selections, from classical to rock. Our performances include something for everyone."


Name Change

Originally, the non-profit was called "Piano for Patients" which did little to inform their audience of what they did and was misleading in the full spectrum of instruments they played. "Performance Project" was the new name chosen to give a clear direction in the charity's motives, and give it a more youthful feeling in consideration for it's committee being run by motivated high school students.

Artboard 8.png
Artboard 1.png

Logo Explanation

Both the mark and typographic treatment can be used together or independently. The logo mark is in reference to the start of a musical piece, the typography consisting of Minerva Modern and Minerva Regular. The colors reflect both cool and light tones to create an atmosphere of welcome. Museo Sans and Fira Sans is used throughout the body copy and headers for easy legibility. 

Color Pallete.jpg

Laptop and mobile mockup.png


Clean efficiency is what was kept in mind during the development of the website. Each section follows the upper navigation in a basic summary, and if the content interests the individual they have options to further explore it. Call-outs were implemented throughout the page to encourage participation and clarity of how to engage in opportunities for donating, requesting, or volunteering.

Web Performance Project Final laptop-01-01.png
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Promotional Campaign

The graphic would serve as a promotional campaign asset for a fundraiser involving St. Mary's Hospital for Children, where Performance Project would entertain for children with disabilities and offer volunteer opportunities for attendees. This series of graphics could be used in social media, print banners, and newsletters for upcoming events.


Mock-ups courtesy of freepick