Chicago Kite

A re-branding for a mid-west premier kite store where most of their service comes from word of mouth or from being a part of the American Kitefliers Association (AKA).

About Us

Chicago Kite is stationed in Chicago, Illinois and sells a variety of kites ranging from simple shapes and colors to more elaborate and adventurous flying toys. There is product for adventurous beginners and serious hobbyists alike. 


How can we update the branding so it can appeal to a broader audience and assign an identity to the company that would sit us apart from our competitors?


To create a brand that is fun and innovative, inviting people of all ages to view the product and it’s capabilities as an interesting experience. There needs to be a sense of professionalism, yet easy going enough not to scare away the younger crowd or the beginners.

Final Logo-05.png
Final Logo-03.png

Logo Explanation

This simple graphic was inspired by a kite in motion as it traveled through the sky, it's path shifting in subtle variations. A minimalist approach was taken in consideration for the audience, so as not to overwhelm them with the nature of most kite stores being very chaotic and colorful. The color pallet was chosen from the colors of the Chicago flag, geometric forms echoing the architecture of the city.

color pallet-03.png



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Festival Sponsorship

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Web Ads

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Outdoor Bus Stop

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Mock-ups courtesy of freepick